Julia Wendland in Coaching Situaltion
Already today, every third manager leads foreign-language speaking employees. Teams become more and more "colorful", leadership and cooperation have become geographic, time and culture-crossing tasks.

As an internationally working Coach I always bear culture in mind. In doing so, I understand culture as a diversity of the ways of thinking, working and living – namely, not only culture in the sense of nation or ethnicity, but also in the sense of organizations, professional groups, teams, …
  • You lead multicultural teams?
  • You are member of an international leadership team?
  • You cooperate internationally with colleagues, customers or suppliers?

Again and again you are faced with unfamiliar rules, you experience irritations, disruptions, conflicts?

Learn what can be achieved with Coaching!

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The range is as wide and rich as our working and living worlds. This includes:
  • Virtual leadership
  • Cooperation in international projects
  • Support for expatriation and repatriation
  • Assistance in introduction of foreign employees
  • individual coaching during international mergers

You would like to learn more? Then have a look at some exemplary practical cases.

Intercultural leadership – The new boss

    A Ukrainian manager who fluently speaks German takes over a leadership position in Germany. Soon her employees complain about her leadership style. Conflicts emerge, performance and commitment are affected. Among others, the following questions are being addressed during the coaching, e. g.:

  • What is good leadership for me?
  • Which values and assumptions guide me in my role?
  • What do I expect from my team members?
  • How do I recognize what my team members expect and need from me?

Project management – international: virtual

    An international project managed at different production sites is floundering. Team members "disappear", information flow is stuck, problems are not being addressed. Time is tight, result expectations high. During a project leader coaching questions touching project management as well as virtual leadership are addressed, e. g.:

  • How do I build a culture of trust when communication possibilities are limited?
  • How can culturally differing expectations in project work and project leadership be successfully integrated?
  • How can I integrate the individuum as well as foster a "WE–feeling"?
  • How can I become aware of disruptions and conflicts as early as possible and manage them culture-sensitively?

Working abroad: When the holiday destination becomes your workplace

    In the context of a merger a German Controller moves together with her manager tot o the Spanish headquarters. After short time, a feeling of uncertainty and frustration comes up. She experiences communication and coordination processes as time-consuming. She feels less efficient than before. At the beginning of the coaching Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC) serves as an effective tool for orientation. Then the following questions are reflected among others:

  • Which values are important for me and why?
  • How do they influence what I expect from others?
  • What happens if my expectations are not met or violated?
  • How do I deal with uncertainties, ambiguities and the unfamiliar?

You have questions? You would like to know more?

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