At a glance

Julia Wendland - Growthsteps

Key facts

  • Graduate in Korean Studies, Personnel Developer (MA), certified Coach (Systemic Society)
  • 20+ international working experience
  • since 2013 Coach, Trainer, Consultant
  • Specific sector knowledge: chemical, construction material, professional development
  • Working languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Locally active: Rhein-Neckar-area and everywhere where you need me

Additional expertise

Further training

  • Mediation
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Train-the-Trainer


Your objectives and needs form the starting point for our collaboration.
Anliegenorientierte Beratung


"The path emerges under the feet." I accompany you on your journey with appropriate methods, impulses and well-dosed input.
Prozess und Methoden
Foundation of our common journey is a trustful partnership. Only if you feel in good hands our collaboration will be of benefit for you.
Vertrauen als Basis


You have all resources to achieve your goals.
Together we trace, leverage and mobilize them.
Ressourcen nutzen


Towards the goal instead of away from the problem!
An attractive future vision opens the view for solutions.
Lösungsorientiertes Coaching

My practice background

  • As personnel developer in a Spanish group in Madrid I supported professionals and executives on their development path, led projects across cultures and was actively involved in change processes.
  • As project leader of a training institute I designed and facilitated intercultural management trainings, developed and supervised educational journeys for Asian executive managers.
  • As Executive Assistant in a Korean group I was cultural agent and consultant for the German and Korean top management.

My intercultural background

    When I arrived in Korea for the first time a different world of concepts, believes and life-style was waiting for me … and I quickly understood that it needs more than just knowledge. Several times I misinterpreted a smile or took "Yes" as a Yes. Also in Spain I was "drifting" through the working world at the beginning.

    In lots of cross-cultural interactions, I learnt to decode the small "mysteries" and the unfamiliar became more and more familiar to me.

    My personal conclusions from all these years:

  • Culture is being learnt and can be learnt!
  • How different we may be - we all want to be - respected and to get involved.
  • Intercultural competence needs to grow. Beside curiosity and openness for the unknown this needs knowledge, experience and an environment that promotes intercultural growth.

Knowledge & Methods

    My slogan: Growing through learning - step by step, life-long!

    The most effective and sustainable field for learning was and is my professional practice - supplemented by numerous trainings. Both go hand in hand and let me continuously take a fresh look at practices and principles from new perspectives, enriches my experience with up-to-date knowledge and methods.

    Methods I choose vary and are adapted to what is meaningful and effective for you. First and foremost, I will listen and ask questions.

    With the Intercultural Readiness Check I have a tool at hand to accompany and support you through learning processes.

What drives me …

    … are the facets of humans and organizations, their richness of possibilities, their stories and complex contexts they are involved in. This makes each consulting process unique.

    Stimulating dialogue, encouraging to find own answers, accompanying the process to implement solutions, sharing knowledge and contributing to respectful and mindful working and living together - this gives me sense and satisfaction.

You have questions? You would like to know more?

Then please contact me! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

☎ +49 (0)179 34 18 07 7